You deserve better

When we looked to launch PlaneImages we had a look at our competitors. Specifically we looked at their Terms and Conditions, licensing for photographs and image protection.

I have spent a lot of money on my camera gear. I don’t want my photos stolen by anyone for anything nor do I want my photos used without my permission.

Most aviation photography websites have T’s and C’s that have more holes than swiss cheese in them. Pretty pathetic really for the consumer who has spent thousands on the camera gear only to be bitch slapped by some lame ass T’s and C’s or even better no T’s and C’s at all. A few professional photography websites that exist take their Terms and Conditions seriously. We wanted to be in that catergory too.

At PlaneImages we are serious about Intellectual Property so we sought independent legal advice for our Terms and Conditions.

We offer the most comprehensive licensing options out of every aviation photography website. No other photography website provides users the licensing options that we do. We aligned ourselves with licensing that is industry standard for creative professionals Yes a being an aviation photographer is a creative professional. I looked at other aviation websites for their licensing options - none existed. Forced to use one in most cases with T's and C's that contradicted that very license.

So I asked myself - why are people content with only being forced to use one licensing option? That didn’t fly for us so we gave users the ability to use Creative Commons and All Rights Reserved. Choices - you're the end user, you make the site, you deserve it.

Before we went to full public release we spent some time developing our watermarking engine. We felt it was important to offer our users as much protection as possible. So again we went back to our legal team to ensure we developed the watermark to provide protection for both ourselves and you.

There are certain aspects around copyright protection that we have provided to our users as well. Most other websites don’t do this properly.

We do because we sought independent legal advice from IP Lawyers.

Just to round it out we have also disabled right click Save As go on give it a go.. you know you want to.

We had the passion to develop PlaneImages and provide users with proper licensing options bound by proper Terms and Conditions. Our T’s and C’s aren’t just a sentence or two put together by someone who thought they knew IP Law after reading a wiki article.

These were developed by qualified professionals specialising in IP Law.

If you're serious about image protection when you upload please use the PlaneImages watermarking engine on your image.

After reading this, if your serious about your photography you will understand the lengths we have gone to provide as much protection for all parties.

We offer the most protection to users and most comprehensive licensing options in the aviation photography arena.

Please have a read over our Terms and Conditions here: