Words of the Wise

What I love about aviation photography is the sheer number of people involved and the variety of photos you get to see on a daily basis.

New people constantly coming through and getting involved is always exciting. More friendly faces around the airport to talk with.

Photo Copyright: Beau Chenery

It's important to remember the people who were around you when you started aviation photography.

I've been a firm believer in staying close to my roots and remembering those who fostered me through my younger years and shared a wealth of knowledge that would determine alot about who I would become as an aviation photographer.

The more involved I am in aviation the more I enjoy talking with the veterans about their experiences from decades ago and tapping into the wealth of knowledge.

Hearing about aircraft that used to once grace the skies of the airport I'm at or their childhood memories of the Concorde or SR-71.

Photo Copyright: Mark Piacentini

Spending some time sitting down and sifting through their catalogues of decades worth of photos is always mesmerizing.

Before DLSR's operating a 35mm camera was skill one had to master. It took time, it took money (processing film to see the results), it was an art in itself to operate a camera in full manual mode without the luxury of Autofocus and other preset semi-auto modes.

Most of the veterans I'm talking about started out photographing this way. When I see a photo filled with grain that is in focus and cropped perfectly through their ability to take a photo and compose it on the fly I have nothing but respect for these photographers.

Photo Copyright: Rob Finlayson

Time, patience and money. The dedication was there.

It seems people today seem to give up on their aspirations of wanting to learn the craft of a fine trade.

The veterans of aviation photography never gave up, they persevered and pushed through the other side of their mistakes till they got the results they wanted.

Spend some time talking to the veterans. The conversations will amaze you.

Listen and respect.