Upload FAQ

Thanks for taking the time out to contribute photos to Plane Images

So you want to contribute photos what's the process?

1. Sign up

Simply enter your email address or sign up with one of our integrated logins with Twitter, Facebook or Google.

Sign up Here

2. Proceed to the Upload Page

Once logged in click the Upload button along the top of the administration panel.

3. Add Images for Upload

To make life easier you can simply drag and drop images on to the upload page or click Add photos and choose the photos you want to upload.

4. Apply Image Data

So it's time to complete the last step in the process.

Next step is to select the photos you want data to be applied to by clicking the tick box next to the Commit button on photos.

Fill in the data on the left hand side and click the Apply button.

There are 3 mandatory pieces of information that must accompany each photo - Genre, Sub Genre and Title.

When you have finished applying the data to your images simply press the Submit button or press the Commit Selected if you have photos selected with tick boxes.

Your photos are now live on PlaneImages.net!