Transform your Photography

It's been a long day out in the sun photographing aircraft all day.

I'm exhausted and generally there's only a few photos after a day of photographing that really drive me to download the photos and edit those ones up.

The others can wait. Or do they?

Since the beginning I've long been a fan of Adobe's products for editing photos in particular - Photoshop.

It's a master suite of image enhancing tools packed into one. It transforms your photos from something bland to something packed with vibrance and punch.

Something lacked in the Adobe Photoshop for photographers. There was a constant need to do the same tasks over and over. Crop, White Balance, Contrast, Exposure, Sharpen, Noise Reduction, Saturation and Level Adjustment. Then saving the image individually.

Going through 7 different menus was cumbersome and time consuming.

Thankfully Adobe put all the great features out of Photoshop into a product dedicated to photographers - Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

Workflow for Post Processing

Import Photos

I import all my images onto my local hard disk with is an SSD drive and allows fast access to the image from the application.

The Cull

I photograph in RAW and thus the files are large. Very large.

You need to be ruthless. You need to learn to cull photos. This is a passion that will span for decades. Be ruthless!

Unless you do a rare photo session - helicopter air to air or airside photo shoot; you need to delete every photo you aren't going to use.

Before I edit any photos I go through my catalogue in Lightroom and have one finger on the x button and the other on the arrow key. I reject the photos I don't want to keep and delete from the hard disk.

Editing the photo

Go to the Develop tab.

On the right hand side are all the adjustments you can make - Crop, White Balance, Contrast, Exposure, Sharpen, Lens Correction, Noise Reduction, Saturation and Level Adjustment. You name it's done here.

Now for the most useful feature.


On the left hand side is a section called Presets. To the right of the word is a little plus symbol. Click it.

What you are doing here is bundling up all of the adjustments you have made and putting it into one click. What used to take 5 mins per photo, now takes 1 sec with a simple click.

I've created many a presets mainly focused around weather conditions. A brilliant feature of Lightroom allows you to preview the Preset and the output prior to applying it to the image.


So your finished editing and you need to get all your photos out of Photoshop and ready for upload to PlaneImages. Easy!

Select all the photos along the bottom you want to export. You may want to make a quick collections that only matches Images that have Adjustments for example to make things a little bit easier.


Choose your destination, width and height, watermark, size of image, metadata to be applied.. the list goes on.

This really makes exporting photos easy compared to Photoshop. 50 photos exported in 20 seconds with one click.

Again you can save preset Export options to make this process easier.

Watch your photography transform

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom aka Lightroom has transformed my photography. It will transform yours to.

Post processing made easier.

Save yourself time, lots of time and immerse yourself in Lightroom.

Air Asia taking off to Kuala Lumpur

You won't look back.

Note: We are not affiliated with Adobe and this article was not paid for by Adobe.