The Beginning

Hi, my name is Beau Chenery and I'm one of the founders of

I've been an aviation photographer, plane spotter, aviation tragic and long time all round aviation enthusiast for nearly 13 years. In some senses I'm still considered young and new to the hobby.

I've learnt a few things about this mysterious hobby throughout my years.

There's photographers, scanner listeners, air frame loggers and enthusiasts.

I fit in the first category - photographers.

I've always searched the photos of planes that no one else. Pushed myself to think outside the box to get to a vantage point that others haven't been to.

Creativity. That's the fundemental basic of photography. To produce a piece of art that others are mesmerised by.

What continues to amaze me is that people literally spend thousands of dollars on top end DSLR's who are forced to show their photos on websites that don't encourage creativity.

I thought to myself - this has to stop.

So I created a company with a few buddies of mine and we worked our backsides off to bring something different to the table for community.

We encourage you to frame your photo differently so you show more scenery. We want to see different photos. We want you to think outside the box.

Photography is about fun. Have fun and be creative - think outside the box, you will be rewarded with surprising results.