Spotting Trips

Do you find yourself scouring Skyscanner for the best air fare to some exotic airport half way around the world you've seen photos from?

I do.


The urge to want to see so many different aircraft I don't see at my home airport, so much variety of scenery and different backdrops to photograph against, so many different liveries and the challenge of photographing somewhere different.

A few years back I travelled to Vancouver, Canada to do some plane spotting. It did not disappoint.

Lufthansa A340-600, Air Canada E-190, B727 Freighter. I wasn't used to these kind of movements and this is what I travelled half way around the world for.

What will make your spotting trip also very beneficial and rewarding is the other spotters you will meet. There is nothing like local knowledge. Reach out to some of the locals and get some advice on where you can go. Better still see if it's possible to meet up and show you around. It will take the stress off and you can enjoy the show.

I encourage everyone to go on many dedicated plane spotting trips to airports around the world throughout their life. It will be rewarding both on a personal level and a photographic level.

You will be left sharing tales with other plane spotters for the rest of your life and most importantly you will have some of the best memories of your life.

Air Canada E-190 at Vancouver arriving at Dusk