Sharing work on Social Media

Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+. These you say would have to be the main players in the social media game.

I went off Facebook a few years ago and had some time on the sidelines. I really enjoyed it.

Then we kicked off Plane Images.

A wise man, Wade Wallace from CyclingTips, told me that social media integration was key. Side note: Wade started Cyclingtips as simply a post a day about cycling and it has grown to something so large and so time consuming it is now his full time job. Chapeau!

To grow PlaneImages to a new level we had to tap into social media and so I came back to Facebook for purpose of growing awareness of PlaneImages. So I created PlaneImages a Facebook page as the first step.

So there it was, we needed to have social media integration on PlaneImages.

You'll see under the main image of photos the little social media buttons to share work on various social media platforms. Hopefully people find them handy and useful.

This leads me to my next point.

Sharing work on social media.

I hate seeing other people taking screenshots of someone else's photo, cropping it and uploading to the various Groups or Communities on social media platforms.

This is one thing that absolutely shit's me. That is outright theft.

Whilst I see what they are trying to do in showing off a fantastic hobby that we all have, it shows a complete lack of respect for the author and all the hard work they have done to get to that point of taking that photo.

The grind of the day job. The to'ing and fro'ing to organise access or pay for a helicopter to get that shot.

There is etiquette about sharing other peoples work.

1. Use a link back to the original location of the image. Why? Because this is where the author has agreed to put the image online under the license and terms and conditions they have chosen.

2. Mention their name in the post. This goes along way to show that you've taken the time to recognise them.

The main point is this - **don't steal someone elses by editing a screenshot and posting onto social media platforms or using the photo commercially with the intent to mislead people that you took that image. You are greatly outnumbered if you think people will gain an appreciation for you.

Wrong - they will not.

Show some etiquette and respect folks, it goes a long way.