More Resolution please

Digital camera’s have come along way since the early days.

Camera's have continued to get better and better in their technology. Their sensors have increased in size thus delivering more megapixels and higher resolution images.

What though continues to perplex me is when in this modern day of state of the art DSLR camera's with native file sizes over 3200px in width, people showcase their work at 1024px by 768px or just slightly larger.

I cringe when I see this happen and I have a few reasons why.

It doesn't do justice for your photo.

Resolutions on screens continue to increase and therefore we are blessed with the opportunity to see photos in higher detail.

When you might be looking at the detailing of the tyres in a photo, the markings on the tyre are visible in higher detail but perhaps not in lower res photo of 1024px x 768px for example.

It takes what is an average photo and turns it into high definition masterpiece filled with detail and clarity. It takes what is an excellent photo and turns it into a work of art worthy of being displayed in the Louvre in Paris, France.

It could be selling point to a potential buyer of photograph once they've viewed it in such a size.

I know myself I've entertained the idea of buying people's photo when they are shown at 1600px. Rarely and perhaps if ever have I thought about purchasing a photo I've seen at 1024px x 768px.

You gain yourself a reputation for showing high definition photos.

I most certainly know off the top of my head photographers who only upload in resolutions of 1600px or above. They stand out, I hold them in high regard for making a conscious decision to further our wonderful hobby by showcasing it in the best light possible.

The Feature Image looks better!

Here are some recommended sizes for uploading photos to in 1400px x 1050px, 1600px x 1067px, 1800px x 1200px or 2400px x 1800px. We absolutely encourage you to make the most of your photography and upload in higher resolutions if you don't already.

The counter argument must come that people are afraid of others stealing their work when they are displayed in such high resolutions. We take theft seriously and we've tried to implement as many protection measures as possible. I've written about it:

You will be rewarded with more views and gain a reputation of being a high definition detail aficionado.

So please next time you upload take the time to upload your photos in file sizes above 1600px in width.

You will be visually amazed and the community will be even more grateful!

Thanks to Lance Broad for idea to write this post. Great demonstration from Lance of what this post is all about with the photo of Emirates A380 below!

Emirates A380 departing Brisbane for Auckland