Go somewhere new

I know for some people aviation photography is about keeping a database of registrations of how many aircraft one has seen. I know for other aviation photographers it's about displaying aircraft in the most creative way possible through a photograph.

For some people it's about to going to the airport with highest density of aircraft movements. For others it's about going to the airports with the scenic back drops and maybe only two movements a day.

I want to talk about the latter.

Here's something I want you to try if you have never done this.

Pick an airport that is a few hours drive away.

Photo Copyright: Beau Chenery

Find an airport that receives anywhere between one to four aircraft movements per day. Doesn't matter if it's the big jets, biz jets or props. What ever takes your fancy!

Do some research on Google Maps at potential locations. Get the tower frequencies and program them into your scanner.

Photo Copyright: Beau Chenery

Here's the important bit! Don't use any aircraft tracking app!

The uncertainty if you will make it in time adds to the suspense. It's like the first time you go on a date with someone. You don't what you're in for.

Get in your car and drive. Take a friend, your partner or yourself. That's really irrelevant.

Just drive!

When you get close to the airport tune your scanner in and listen to the airwaves. The moment the silence breaks your attention is solely towards the speaker of the scanner.

Use your binoculars for that moment of determining that something on the horizon.

The effort will be worth it.

Next time you pick up that smart phone and rush to FlightRadar24.com you'll be reminiscing about the effort you went to before hand.

Air New Zealand Arriving into Queenstown Photo Copyright: Beau Chenery