Fun in the Sun

While some airports around the world are getting blanketed in thick snow and freezing conditions others are reaching record temperatures on the other end of the scale.

Today in my home town of Brisbane, Australia the temperature is expected to jump above 41 degrees celsius. If it gets over 43.2 degrees celsius this will set a record for hottest temperature in Brisbane since records began. My car showed 45 degrees celsius but that's probably not right so I'll leave the official records to the Bereau.

I went out for a ride on my bike this morning to the airport and by 7:30am the temperature on my Garmin read 29 degrees celsius.

The sun burnt and the bitumen was hot.

I managed to catch up with some other spotters for a brief chat while the sun was belting down and I could feel the burn hitting my legs. Both of the lads sought out cover in the boots of their car to get out of the sun.

Most of us experience summer at one point in the year here in Brisbane it's almost all year round and in January/ February it shouldn't be called Summer it should be called Don't live here without air con it's far too hot!

One of things I learnt over the years of spotting and living in this climate is to respect the sun and how strong it is. It does burn and it can have severe effects on your health if you stay out in too long.

Invest in a good hat!

I made a conscience decision to invest in a good hat. A wide brim hat that gives full protection to my face, my ears and my neck. I don't care what I look like because I'd rather be able to spot everyday continously rather than spot for one day and spend four days recovering from heat stroke.

Sunscreen or Zinc

Definitely worth investing in some sunscreen or zinc. If your out to set trends and want to enjoy the breeze in your hair, the alternative of using some sunscreen or zinc is perfect. Statisically in Australia the number one place for skin cancers to be removed from is the feet. If your one to wear thongs then don't forget about your feet. Spend some time and lather up.


Whether you invest in a good beach umbrella or seek out a piece of shade from a tree or building, finding some shade definitely takes the edge off the heat. If possible it's best to avoid the sun altogether.

UV protective clothing

Many companies now manufacturer clothing that is UV rated to provide protection to ones skin. I'm a big fan of hiking clothing and its technical design so I'd recommend checking out Northface, Columbia or Patagonia clothing. Dress appropriately, it will make a huge difference. Wait for the PlaneImages merchandise!

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

It's so important to stay hydrated! Drink water regularly and maybe even keep a Powerade or Gatorade handy to replenish electrolytes lost through sweat. Have some lunch as well.

If it all get's too much then sit out and find some air conditioning.

I don't want to see anyone get 2nd degree burns from the sun or suffer from heat stroke. So play it safe and look after yourselves out there wether your in the freezing cold or the boiling heat - respect the weather and be prepared.

Etihad 777 in the sun in Manchester

Photo Copyright: Lee Mountain