Features Roadmap

We are working hard away at new features.

Here is what we have in the pipeline for you.

Badges and Reputation scheme

We think there is more to aviation photography than just views. This is where our badges and reputation scheme comes in.

So what is a badge?

A badge will be rewarded to your profile if you achieve a determined milestone.

For example if you upload photos from ten different airports you would acquire a badge.

If you uploaded photos of ten different types of aircraft you would receive a badge.

We’ve got a lot of ideas on how to acquire badges and different milestones people can work towards to get all the badges.

It won’t be easy and we think spotters need more of a challenge!

So what is the reputation?

Reputation is displayed as a score against your profile.

Think of it as your credibility as a spotter. The higher your score against your profile the more credible you are as a spotter.

We’ll have a spotter leader board so you can see how you stack up against everybody else.

We will be able to back track everyones photos they have uploaded and apply scores retrospectively so start uploading your photos now so you can keep up with the best when the scheme is launched.

Most comprehensive Aviation Database

To give you as many possibilities to earn as many badges and reputation points as possible it’s going to have be backed by the best aviation database on the internet.

When implemented we will have over 2.5 million registrations.

We will have the most comprehensive publicly available database on the internet for aviation enthusiasts.


Everyone loves stats and do we.

We want to give detailed statistics for your aviation photography portfolio.

How many 747’s have I photographed? Where are most of my photos taken at?
Which airline have I photographed most?
What’s the aircraft type I’ve photographed the most?

You’ll be able to get a comprehensive overview of statistics for aviation photography.

Have I photographed the entire Lufthansa fleet?

The possbilities are endless but this is a feature we can't wait to release. We hope this sounds appealing!

Spotting Locations

We know how difficult it is to find out information about spotting locations around the world. This is an important step to gathering information about where photos were taken.
We will be implementing an interface to fill out a short form with details on the spotting location. You’ll be able to look up a map of the airport and click on the spotting location and it will give you these details.

Of course there will be reputation points for helping us out if you can create spotting location details.

We have the vision of this being a one stop shop for spotting guides around the world.

Rating System

We want to provide a very simplistic rating system for users to easily decide what photos they like and what photos they don’t. This in combination with our mathematical ranking algorithm will show you more of the photos you like and much much less of the photos you don’t. This will be our way of showing users how the aviation community ranks their photo.

This will provide a much truer representation of what constitutes a great photo as opposed to conventional methods used by other aviation photo websites where it’s decided by one or two screeners.

You'll get reputation points for ranking photos and your input will count.


Want to remember your favourite photos?

Add it to a collection and it is stored under your profile. A simple easy way to easily track down those unforgettable photos.

Don’t forget the features we already have:

Queueless Photo Acceptance

Unlimited photo uploads

Higher resolution accepted

Ability to upload multiple photos

No compression applied to your photos. Keep your photos exactly the same!


We don’t want to beat around the bush with this either; at some point in time we are going to have to introduce a paid membership scheme. The good news is there will always be the option to have a free account.

So why not take advantage of the free offering with unlimited photo uploads and get your aviation photo database uploaded to PlaneImages.net now!

Why are we going to have to do this?

The server bills. All the infrastructure we put in place to deliver PlaneImages costs money. We don’t want to resort to advertising, we want to provide value add to your photography through our features. The more you support us, the more we can support you!

We want to work on PlaneImages full time and develop the best aviation site on the internet for you.

If you’ve got feedback about what we’re planning to do, drop us an email at admin@planeimages.net