Featured Photographer: James Overton

The first in our Featured Photographer series we interview aviation photographers from around the world and get a bit more an insight into the person behind the camera.

James Overton is up first and here's what he had to say.

What got you into plane spotting?

I happen to work within the airline industry following in my father’s footsteps and have always loved taking photos growing up and traveling the world. My two passions of work and travel were a big influence in purchasing my first DSLR a year ago to capture my passions through photographs. I managed to meet many friendly and helpful enthusiasts within the Sydney and Brisbane area that encouraged me to become proactive and to become “one” of the community,

You've been planespotting all day what's the first thing you do when you get home?

In all honesty, I usually crash on the lounge and flick through my camera to see the highlights of the day and take a mental note of the images I really want to edit and upload first.

What website do you go to book your flights?


Most memorable flight?

That is a very difficult question, as I have had many memorable flights… but the one that was the best by far was when I flew in the jump seat of a 737-400 (VH-TJI) from YBBN – YSSY. The tech crew were so friendly and accommodating, but just to watch the flight from the flight deck was priceless.

Photographer who has had significant influence over you as an aviation photographer?

Two photographers, good friends of mine have had a great influence on myself and my aviation photography. I only bought my first camera little less than a year ago and without the endless help from Bernard Proctor and Lance Broad I’ve been able to learn and develop many tips and advice into my photography. Thanks guys!

Airline and Aircraft you most want to fly?

Deutsche Lufthansa and on one of their 747-800’s

What airports are on the top on your spotting to do list?

Along with all other planespotters, I’d love to go to Princess Juliana International Airport on the Caribbean Island of Saint Maarten (and hopefully planning my next holiday there) via the United States.

Whats your camera bag?

My camera bag is a Lowepro Fastpack 250. Consisting of Canon 650D, Sigma 18-250mm and 50-500mm lenses, battery pack, cards, scanner and chargers and my laptop.

What software do you edit your photos with?

I use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4

Last holiday destination?

I travelled to the United States of America, for my 21st Atlanta and Las Vegas. Got to see my favourite baseball team play 4 games at home, as well as plane spotting at LAX International Airport, visiting the Southern California Logistics Airport (Victorville graveyard) on the way out to Las Vegas where you can tune your car radio into the control tower.

Standout day of planespotting?

My standout day of spotting would have to be the recent Jetstar 787 Dreamliner Open Day at Coolangatta. Being able to shoot airside in and around the 787 Dreamliner was by far the best day Ive had planespotting.

When you go plane spotting you can't leave the house without?

My phone charger, as im constantly on my phone looking at the radar seeing whats coming and going.

Goal for 2014?

I really want to do my best with work, and fingers crossed secure myself a full time job within the aviation industry. Along with that, id really like to take develop my photography skills and to venture into some landscape photography as well as continue my passion of planespotting.