Feature: Spotting Locations

I'm sure every spotter has asked another "Where did you take that photo and how do I find that spot?" I'm not one to keep secrets and I like to give every spotter the opportunity to portray this hobby in the best possible manner and that includes sharing information about spotting locations.

I love visiting new airports. Half the fun of it is visiting new locations to photograph from.

However at a certain point in time, my patience wears out after endlessly googling potential spotting locations or wasting on money on fuel driving around airports. There's nothing worst than looking out of place snooping around at an unknown airport in a foreign country.

Spotting guides seem to be produced and never really developed more past their inception. Updates seem to be in frequent or go on unacknowledged that the accuracy of the guide is still credible.

The Vision

One central location for users and visitors to come to look up spotting guides of airports all over the world. We want to add value to your spotting experience. We want you to visit airports and get the most out of it.

The process of finding information about airports and their spotting locations should be easy. You shouldn't have to squirm around for hours on end getting lost in websites.

We are working on the design and integration into the upload page to make "tagging" photos with locations as easy as possible. Of course there'll be an interface to make spotting location guides and we are still yet to flesh out the workflow and design of that. We don't want to give away all the secrets just yet but we're certain the end product will be very useful.

You will also be able to vote up spotting guides to show that you found it useful or the information was still relevant.

Last but not least when you create a spotting location for an airport, you'll be rewarded with a bucket load of reputation points.

You're helping the community and we want to help you get noticed.

This photo comes to mind as one that sparked the idea for this blog post.
"Where is this photo taken from and how do I get there?" asked one of our users.