Emirates Business Class A380 Review

The flight I'm about to review is a short hop from Brisbane to Auckland onboard Emirates Airbus A380-800 in Business Class. Total flying time is only 2 hours and 40 minutes across "the dutch".

Let's go!

I'm delivered directly from The Emirates Lounge via a dedicated aero bridge straight to the upper deck of the aircraft. The Emirates A380 the upper deck is for Business and First Class passengers only. Upon entering the aircraft I'm greeted by the ever friendly cabin crew.

Upon taking my assigned seat the cabin crew move into full swing with their duties like an orchestra supporting Coldplay. Each member of the crew knows their role and their part in the orchestra. They take pride in their job. Each level of management within the cabin crew introduces themselves the each passenger.

The cabin crew reinforces the philosophy that they are here to serve me and the rest of the passengers and make the flight as enjoyable as possible.

I'm offered a quick how to guide on the operation of the seat and the award winning ICE in-flight entertainment system. The inbuilt massage feature of the seat grabs my attention and I let it go for a few minutes while I settle in. A nice touch!

The Business Class seats are large. Choosing a recline level that suits isn't hard to find. You don't feel cramped. There is plenty of room to stretch your legs and the seat turns into a lie fat bed for those long haul flights. The ICE entertainment system is unexplainably large in content. The sheer size and variety of entertainment on offer is sure to guarantee there is something for everyone.

Complementary pillow, blanket and noise cancelling headphones Your personal range of beverages, tablet for operating the IFE and plenty of leg room under the seat in front

I'm offered champagne, apple juice and orange juice before we get underway with the flight. I refresh with a hot towel before take off. You feel refreshed and excited. It's these finer touches that make the experience more refined.

I place my order for breakfast with cabin crew prior to take off. The sweetness of Waffles entices me.

My assigned seat is 11F. It's an aisle seat. Todays flight has 15 Business Class passengers - pax and 2 First Class pax onboard. I spot a vacant window seat next to me. A member of the cabin crew advises everyone is aboard and I can sit where I like for take off. Duly noted thank you Emirates

Todays operations at Brisbane Airport takes us on a SCOTT NINE departure from Runway 19. A departure track towards the city then we make a right hand turn over the city to set course direct to Auckland. The view is stunning from above.

Brisbane CBD and Newstead below

Brisbane's West End, souther suburbs and St Lucia are seen below

It's not long before breakfast is served.

The waffles and greek yoghurt were amazing

Being a guest of Emirates for the flight the cabin crew have been advised of our presence on board. We are lucky enough to be shown around the rest of the aircraft including the First Class suites and on board facilities available to First Class pax only.

The plush leather seats and option of complete privacy with the screen doors ensure you can drift away into your own world in First.

Leather seats for First Class

It just feels rich

Can you imagine doing a 14 hour flight and two hours before stepping off the plane you are given the opportunity of having a shower so you're refreshed when you arrive at your destination? This is what Emirates offers their First Class pax!

The showers are spacious and you don't feel like you would knock your elbows when towelling yourself down.

Plenty of room in the shower of the A380.

On the return flight back to Brisbane in the evening, the cabin darkened and we got to see the mood light come into effect. Stars are dotted into the roof and make the mood more relaxed.

Mood lighting at night

The last novelty and my favourite part of the aircraft is Bar at the rear of the aircraft. Combined with lounges and stunning lighting it makes you want to stay around. I spoke with a friend afterwards about the bar and he summarised something everybody should try. Wait till you are quite a way into the flight and everyone lays down for a sleep. Go to the bar and hopefully you will have the area to yourself. You should feel like it's your aircraft.

Regardless of the other pax on board, being a Business Class passenger of Emirates you feel like it's your aircraft. The staff are there to help and make your flight comfortable, the seats are large and relaxing, the entertainment offers a plethora of options.

The customer service was consistent throughout the entire experience. From the check in agents, to the lounge staff and the cabin crew.

Spoil yourself.

All photos are copyright of Beau Chenery.

Beau Chenery travelled as guest of Emirates.