Brisbane Airport Plane Party

Over the years we've built a very close relationship with Brisbane Airport Corporation.

A few months ago one of the ladies from Brisbane Airport Corporation reached out and tabled the idea of a "Plane Party"

I have to admit at first I had my hesitations about the event.

How wrong I was!!!

Brisbane Airport Corporation held the event on a Thursday afternoon at 5:30pm. This allowed the working folk like myself to get out there and enjoy in the festivities.

The turn out was positive and I estimated the number of aviation enthusiasts to be in the magnitude of 80-100 people.

There was a taco van that was put on free of charge by Brisbane Airport Corporation and some small giveaways. We were also very lucky to be given a speech from the AFP and how our involvement as aviation photographers to help prevent crime around the airport played an important role in security.

What was more important than the event itself was the recognition from key stakeholders within Brisbane Airport Corporation that aviation photographers are important community of the airport. We are another set of eyes keeping a watch over one of the most important economic facilities of the country. Aviation photographers know the operations at the airport (sometimes more intrinsically than those who work at airports), they can spot when things are out of order.

It also provided an opportunity for people to ask questions with those who worked at the airport and get a unique insight into what their day-to-day activities entail.

The event was a huge success.

Thank you Brisbane Airport Corporation, for a wonderful event.