2013 in Review

I've had a massive 2013 as I'm sure most of you have. I want to give you a bit of run on down and on what's happened on our front to get to the point where we are at now.

So let’s go back to the start of the year.

One of my other passions is cycling and naturally this progressed to cycling photography. I had a dream of starting a Plane Images for cycling, we did and we launched it as pelotonimages.com. There's nothing to see here we took Peloton Images down...

I saw plenty of quality cycling photos daily from a variety of photographers but there wasn't one place to go to view them.

In March I quit an excellent paying job in Australia to chase the dream of photographing the largest cycling races in Europe to try and meet photographers and convince them to use PelotonImages.com

It was a tough slog and a lost cause. We learnt a lot through that period. Most importantly what not to do again.

I came back to Australia a lot earlier than I anticipated. I had to repriortise myself and the interests of our business.

This is probably a good time to introduce the real workers of Plane Images and the other two founders of our company Alpine Media - Jake and Drew.

Jake looks after the design aspect and Drew looks after the coding side of things. Of course there is a bit an overlap with skills but at a high level these are their roles.

I am nothing with out these guys!

Having three of us gives us plenty of options going forward with a variety of skills and the ability to constantly develop and enhance Plane Images for you. We don't need to spend money on developers, we are the developers!

So we sat down and looked at other options. The more time I spent looking at other aviation photography websites the more I found myself thinking of ways to improve them and features to bolt on to Plane Images.

As a front end user it may look simplistic but in web design to make things the most aesthetically pleasing and easy to use there is a HUGE amount of work to get to this point.

Drew and Jake have worked tirelessly over the year in between full time jobs to deliver Peloton Images and now solely refocusing to Plane Images.

So an absolutely massive Thank You to Drew and Jake!

I'm taking a holiday to New Zealand over the Christmas break for two weeks to recharge, I'll have occasional internet access so please bare with us if we don't reply immediately. (Expect some more Queenstown photos, I love that airport!)

Drew's taking a well deserved holiday for just over 3 weeks to the Philippines to wind down, soak up some sun, enjoy a few cold ones and relax.

Jake’s going to be keeping the lights on as well working on some tweaks in the background to keep delivering you PlaneImages

To our beta testers and contributors who have come on board so far, we can't thank you enough. You make Plane Images. Without your photos, we are nothing! So Thank You immensely!

If you do find yourself over the Christmas/ New Year break with some spare time up your sleeve why not get stuck into uploading some photos to PlaneImages and get more of your collection online.

Be safe, Merry Christmas and we will back in 2014 to deliver you a huge range of new features that will see us be vastly different to the conventional aviation photography websites.

From the team at PlaneImages THANK YOU and we will see you in 2014!